Movie review: Interstellar

I have the good fortune of knowing someone who works in the publicity side of the movie industry, and who from time to time invites me to early showings to see the movie and share my impressions.  That’s how I got to see Interstellar last night, at the theaters in Valle Oriente! Here’s a brief review.

interstellar4This sci-fi epic clocks in at nearly 3 hours, so I should have had more to drink before going in – feeling thirsty made me notice the length of the film. Besides that, it was interesting enough that in the whole three hours I didn’t want to leave my seat to buy a beverage!

When I say it is an “epic”, I mean it in the proper sense. Matthew McConaughey plays a Nasa pilot-turned-farmer who has to return to space travel in order to find a new home for humanity, and somehow overcome obstacles from nature, fellow man, and unseen forces, in order to return to his family. It’s very much in the tradition of the Odyssey or the Aeneid, but scientists, politicians, laws of nature and physics, stars and planets, and other unseen forces replace the kings, gods, oceans, islands and monsters.

It is more a drama than an action movie, although it has moments of action and suspense. It has very good special effects without being dominated by them – it is truly driven by plot and character. The actors do a very good job as well.

While the visuals aren’t the central element, they are well worth seeing on the large screen. I saw it in IMAX, and I recommend the big screen experience.

In short: I liked it and recommend it to fans of serious science fiction who don’t need lots of explosions and giant robots (although there are explosions and pretty cool man-sized robots). Just be sure to take care of any bodily needs (refreshments or restrooms) before the show starts, because you are in for a long story and you probably won’t want to leave!


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